Destiny Players Discover Treasure Cave

Players find enemy spawn point that offers valuable drops.


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A cave situated in Destiny's Old Russia hub world is being plundered by players who have discovered that it contains valuable loot drops in certain circumstances.

Found nearby the Cosmodrome, this cave is an endless spawn point for low-level enemies, who tend to drop valuable loot once dispatched. Force Strategy Gaming has offered a video guide on how best to farm the loot-rich cave.

Players will need to arrive at the area in a group of two or more, and stand at a certain spot for the endlessly respawning acolytes and thralls to drop uncommon gear and blue engrams. On occasion, purple engrams are also released by downed enemies.

Such is the splendor of the cave, a Redddit group has published a guide to good etiquette when looting it:

"Please don't run up every time you see something shiny drop. I get it, you need to know whether you've just dropped a legendary engram and not just some heavy ammo. But even if you have, it's not like you can equip it yet. And it makes it so much more rewarding picking up a ton of loot and not just one thing."

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