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Destiny Could Add Official Vehicle Racing Mode, Bungie Teases

"It's definitely an idea that has come up at the studio."

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Unofficial Sparrow racing is already a big thing in Destiny--there's even a fan-run league--but official, Bungie-sanctioned and supported competitive racing is nowhere to be found. But that might change.

We spoke with Bungie community manager Eric Osborne at PlayStation Experience this weekend, and he told us it's an idea Bungie has in fact considered, though he's not making any promises.

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"It's definitely an idea that has come up at the studio," he said. "And there are dozens and dozens and dozens of cool ideas. Part of the process of sustaining [Destiny] is figuring out what's the most bang for the buck, what's the right feedback to go after and address, how do we deliver the experiences that players want. And race is definitely one of the things that has come up as a topic, so we'll see."

"It's one of those shifty, no-promises answers," he added.

Regarding new Destiny ideas in general, Osborne said he has been pleased with how many content updates Bungie has delivered so far (it will be a dozen when The Dark Below launches tomorrow), though he made clear that Bungie has no plans of slowing down.

"We had a lot of great ideas; I think a lot of them have panned out," he said. "A lot of things are working really well in Destiny. We've got a lot of players coming in. We're three months in as of Tuesday on December 9. [The Dark Below will be our] twelfth update to the game, so we're pretty proud of the pace that we're keeping up."

"But we're not done," he added. "We're going to keep addressing feedback, we're going to keep listening to players. More bounty slots, more legendary weapons, what have you. It's quite the fun process."

Additional support for Destiny will include a second expansion--House of Wolves--as well as continued balancing tweaks and other changes based on fan feedback. In addition, Destiny publisher Activision recently announced that development on Destiny 2 is now underway.

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