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Destiny 2's The Final Shape Introduces Flying Dread Enemies

The Witness' army sure seems annoying.


Destiny 2's The Final Shape, the upcoming expansion releasing on June 4, is introducing a new enemy faction called the Dread. If you thought the Tormentors in Lightfall were annoying, well, their siblings have definitely inherited that trait.

As showcased during the Destiny 2: The Final Shape Developer Gameplay Preview, the Dread encompass the larger portion of The Witness' own army, first teased with the Tormentors. While there may be more enemies in the expansion, the trailer focused on Grims and Husks, as well as the Weaver and the Attendant.

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The Grim, colloquially called "gunbat" by Bungie, is a flying imp with, well, a weapon. According to the development team, it's the first enemy character with actual wings in Destiny. Alongside its signature gun, the Grim can let out a screech that suppresses your abilities and slows you down. Expect Grims to be in groups, and to be super annoying, too.

The Husk is a bruiser-type enemy with a blade in each hand. It won't think twice to charge at you on sight with acrobatic movements. Be wary though, if you don't hit the Husk's weak spot with a final blow, a smaller enemy will come out from its chest and seek you down as a flying worm. Fun times.

Lastly, the Weaver and the Attendant are a Strand and Stasis scions, respectively, that have been affected by The Witness' power. As you might have guessed, the enemies will pull you back and toward them, and can also freeze you in place. If there are more than one, you're likely to spend some time being bounced back and forth like a pinball.

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