Destiny 2's Expansions Won't Get Vaulted Anymore, Bungie Says

"No more sunsetting expansions," Bungie says.


Bungie will no longer put Destiny 2's expansions to pasture anymore, according to an announcement during the Destiny 2 Lightfall showcase.

"Destiny 2 is not going anywhere," said Bungie reps during the showcase. "And neither are your expansions." Bungie went on to promise that it's working on the game engine to ensure this is possible.

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Bungie's practice of sunsetting expansions over the years to make room for new ones has had its fair share of controversy. Many players were unhappy with having expansions they paid for become unplayable. Players looking to start Destiny 2 have also been puzzled, since the majority of Year 1 and 2 content and campaigns like the Red War, Curse of Osiris, and Warmind all have been vaulted.

In preparation for The Witch Queen, Bungie also vaulted the Forsaken campaign as well as the Tangled Shore. According to Bungie, the studio removes content in order to make room for new expansions. But with this new announcement, it looks like the studio is working behind-the-scenes to upgrade the game engine so it no longer needs to do so. It also sounds like Destiny 2 will be around for awhile, as a Bungie representative stated the game is "not going anywhere." This means it could be quite awhile before we see Destiny 3.

If you haven't played all the expansions yet, Bungie is also offering all Destiny expansions for free on every platform for a limited time.

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