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Destiny 2 Supers Will See Significant Changes Before Witch Queen Launches

Super cooldowns are getting major adjustments in December, which should have big effects on Crucible play.


Destiny 2 is about to see a whole host of changes with the release of Bungie's 30th Anniversary celebration content on December 7. Weapons and abilities are getting tuned, but an even bigger change might be what Bungie has in store for players' Super abilities.

Bungie went over the details for its changes in a recent This Week At Bungie blog post. The focus of changes to Supers is on their cooldown periods, which will change how often you see some of them in the Crucible, as well as the strategy inherent in when to deploy them.

Supers have been an essential part of the Destiny gameplay experience from the beginning, but they've mostly regenerated passively--which means that you can still charge up and use your Super even when your character isn't doing anything. That's changing with Bungie's December 7 update to Destiny 2.

The developer is recalibrating Supers so players are incentivized to get into fights and defeat enemies or other players. It's a change that will especially affect the Crucible, where players currently will often hide and avoid a fight in order to charge their Supers. Other factors, such as your character's Intellect stat tier and other perks, will still increase Super regeneration, but overall, Bungie is reducing the passive regeneration rate. Defeating enemies already helps with regeneration, but it'll become more important in regaining Super energy with the changes; you'll also now gain Super energy for taking damage as well.

This change is mainly for Crucible, especially for competitive game modes where Super can be game-changing. Bungie also noted that players should get one Super in a 6v6 match "that goes to the score or time limit as long as they engage in regular combat." However, players won't get their Supers back in a 3v3 match as often.

The TWAB included a tier list of upcoming changes in recharge rates for all Supers in Destiny 2.

Tier 5 (Fastest)

  • Well of Radiance

Tier 4

  • Blade Barrage
  • Silence and Squall

Tier 3

  • Shadowshot
  • Burning Maul
  • Arc Staff
  • Nova Bomb
  • Thundercrash

Tier 2

  • Golden Gun
  • Chaos Reach
  • Nova Warp
  • Stormtrance
  • Daybreak
  • Sentinel Shield

Tier 1 (Slowest)

  • Spectral Blades
  • Fist of Havoc
  • Hammer of Sol
  • Glacial Quake
  • Winter’s Wrath

Additionally, Super perks will get some adjustments. If you've ever felt the frustration of being killed by the same active Super twice and especially right after respawning, Bungie has a fix. In Crucible, in-Super perks that extend Supers will be downscaled. The TWAB specifically listed Everlasting Fire for Dawnblade Warlocks and Trample for Striker Titans. Also, Exotic armor pieces Doomfang Pauldrons and Crown of Tempests will have reduced Super regeneration abilities.

Bungie is also making some changes to the effectiveness of some Super abilities to shut down other Supers. For Titans, the Shiver Strike is gaining increased damage during the Stasis Glacial Quake Super. Meanwhile, Stasis Warlocks will no longer be able to shut down active Supers in PvP with a single freeze and shatter mechanic in the Winter's Wrath Super. Players will need to do the mechanic twice instead. This is to prevent roaming Supers from one-shotting other Supers.

Along with the Super changes, Bungie also listed tons of grenade and melee changes arriving during the 30th Anniversary event. When Witch Queen launches, Supers are getting an overhaul starting with the Void subclass.

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