Destiny 2 PSA: Log In On PC To Save Your Silver

There are more actions you need to take before Destiny 2 Shadowkeep launches on Steam.

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We're quickly nearing the migration of Destiny 2's PC version from its current home on to its new home on Steam. That move gets completed on October 1 with the launch of Shadowkeep, and Bungie has already said that players should link their accounts to Steam now to more easily facilitate the transfer. There's another caveat, though: If you're already a PC player, you should log in before October 1 for a bit of housekeeping.

In its most recent This Week at Bungie blog, the developer noted that it has stopped selling Silver, Destiny 2's premium currency, on ahead of the move to Steam. If you don't already own any Silver on PC, you don't have to worry--when the Steam transfer goes through, you'll be able to buy Silver as normal. But if you already own some Silver on PC that you purchased from for the version, you're in danger of losing it in the migration.

"Players should be aware, however, that all in order for recent Silver purchases to successfully transfer to Steam, players MUST log in to Destiny 2 on before October 1 to claim their purchased Silver," Bungie wrote on the blog.

Easy enough, but the October 1 deadline means it's worth popping into Destiny 2 sooner rather than later to make sure your premium currency transfers successfully. While we're in a bit of a dead period awaiting the launch of Shadowkeep, there's a community event taking place on Mars this week that encourages players to take part in Nightfall Strikes and Escalation Protocol events. There's also another Iron Banner event coming before the end of the Season of Opulence and the start of Destiny 2 Year 3.

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