Destiny 2 Players Can Earn Gunsmith Reputation More Quickly From Season 18

Everyone's favorite Destiny 2 gunsmith will be worth visiting more often from August.


One of the longest-serving vendors in Destiny 2 is getting a tune-up, as gunsmith Banshee-44 will be handing out rewards more quickly from Season 18. Like other vendors in the game, completing bounties will earn players reputation with the weapons and mod dealer, although doing so can be excruciatingly slow. Players can also disassemble weapons to earn more reputation, but that usually results in a trickle of experience filtering through.

According to Bungie, completing daily Gunsmith bounties will now grant 50 Gunsmith reputation each (double the current amount) and can be maxed out for a total of 200 reputation every day. Gunsmith reputation gained from dismantling Legendary or Exotic weapons and armor will be increased as well, boosting the reward from three to five.

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"These changes coming in Season 18 will allow players to rank up with the Exo more efficiently, we will continue to monitor and evaluate progression over the course of the coming Seasons," economy feature lead Joshua Kulinski explained. "We hope these changes make the Gunsmith reputation system feel more rewarding in Season 18."

For a deeper dive into the future of Destiny, players can tune in to see a new showcase on August 23. Coinciding with the start of Season 18, the brief teaser showed snippets of the current storyline, the arrival of the Witness, and other major events of Destiny 2. In other Destiny 2 news, the Solstice event is now live and has brought with it broken weapons and plenty of challenges to complete.

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