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Destiny 2's Next PvE Mode Is Onslaught, A Defensive Showdown In The Last City

Get ready to rumble in Midtown next month.


Ahead of the release of Destiny 2's upcoming Into the Light story event, Bungie showed off a new PvE activity debuting inside of it next month. Onslaught is a new three-player mode with a defensive flavor, as players will establish a beachhead in the Last City before they journey into the Traveler in The Final Shape expansion.

With every Guardian preparing to take on The Witness, humanity and its allies will be left defenseless against the hostile forces inside the Sol system. That's where the Advanced Defense Unit comes into play, as this mobile forge can build structures to help keep the armies of the Witness at bay. In Onslaught, players will defend the ADU while it gets to work, with this activity playing out in multiple waves.

Up to 50 waves of escalating challenge can be taken on, and to shake things up, Guardians will venture into a Pyramid ship after a set number of waves for an offensive push against a challenging boss. When the focus is on the ADU, players can spend the new Scrap currency to set up and upgrade defensive structures in contested territory, like turrets, trip mines, and decoys. Bungie showed off some of the gameplay inside of the Midtown map--usually reserved for PvP activity--and this activity will feature Crucible leader Lord Shaxx as the primary vendor.

To make things more challenging, players can expect to encounter Champions and will be tested with bonus objectives that offer greater rewards but will pull them farther away from the ADU as enemies close in on it. Bungie plans to host two more livestreams this month, and you can tune in on the following dates to watch them. As a reminder, anyone watching can earn the "Those Held Dear" emblem by watching a livestream for at least 30 minutes, and watching for two hours in total will unlock the "Echo Diamond" emblem.

  • Livestream 2 -- March 26, 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET
  • Livestream 3 -- April 2, 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET

Into the Light will go live on April 9 alongside Update 7.3.6, and it'll add new story content throughout April and May. Meanwhile, Destiny 2 players can purchase Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire cosmetics, just in case they want to tour the strangest parts of the galaxy in a spaceship inspired by the Ecto-1 car.

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