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Destiny 2: Lightfall's First Iron Banner Delayed Due To Invisible Player Glitch

Iron Banner has been rescheduled to begin on March 21.


Destiny 2's Iron Banner has become a regular highlight for PvP fans, but the first version of this monthly event is going to arrive a little later than anticipated due to an annoying bug. With the launch of Lightfall, instances of Guardians simply turning invisible have become commonplace and Bungie will be implementing a fix for that issue on March 16. That date is two days after Iron Banner was due to begin, so Bungie has instead scheduled the event to start on March 21, a week later.

The good news is that Trials of Osiris will return on March 17, a week earlier than originally scheduled, and there will only be a one-week break between the first Iron Banner week and the second, which will begin on April 4. In short, the next few weeks will have plenty of PvP events to dig into:

  • The return of the Trials of Osiris - March 17
  • Iron Banner week 1 - March 21
  • Iron Banner week 2 - April 4

Iron Banner underwent some big changes during the latter half of The Witch Queen year. As part of an effort to make it feel more like a can't-miss prestige event, Iron Banner was only held twice per season and featured new modes. That cadence has since been increased to three times per season, and other tweaks were made to make Iron Banner more rewarding after players criticized the grindy nature of the overhauled event.

Each of these new takes on Iron Banner have featured different match modes as well, with the first Iron Banner kicking off with Eruption and the second focusing on Fortress. Bungie hasn't revealed which mode will be active during the first Iron Banner of Lightfall, but the week of multiplayer is usually worth diving into so that you can obtain some stylish legacy gear and armor shaders.

In other Destiny 2 news, the race is on this weekend to obtain the coveted world's first bragging rights for completing the new Root of Nightmares raid. This week also saw a secret Exotic mission kick off, which rewards players with the Vexcalibur glaive for completing it.

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