Destiny 2 Is Adding A Thorn Catalyst Next Season

Have you considered Thorn for your loadout lately?


Bungie's latest weekly update for Destiny 2 has revealed one exciting teaser for next season: The exotic hand cannon Thorn is next in line for a Catalyst. The update revealed the buff the Catalyst will add to the popular weapon, and announced that it would be coming in Season 23.

Catalysts in Destiny 2 are used to add a nice little power boost and often new functionality to popular exotic weapons. The Season of the Witch introduced the Monte Carlo Catalyst, which added the Stochastic Vengeance perk that allows players to use the weapon's bayonet if they're feeling a little stabby.

While Bungie says the upcoming Thorn Catalyst won't allow you to stab people with it, it has revealed the new buff that will be available. The Catalyst will increase Thorn's range and stability, and also adds a new function where dealing a final blow or absorbing a Remnant grants additional weapon range, as well as increased mobility and handling for a short time.


Bungie hasn't yet revealed how the Thorn Catalyst will be earned when it arrives next season. This season's Monte Carlo Catalyst appears as a random drop from Strikes, Gambit matches, or Crucible matches, so it's possible the Thorn Catalyst will require something similar--though Bungie might choose to take a different path for what it calls "arguably one of the most iconic Exotic Hand Cannons in Destiny."

In other Destiny 2 news, Bungie has patched a number of substantial bugs involving weapon crafting in its latest update, as well as adding a new Crucible mode and a Master Crota's End raid.

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