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Destiny 2 Ghostbusters Cosmetics Will Let You Cruise Around The Galaxy In An Ecto-1 Spaceship

Bustin' Hive makes me feel good.


Destiny 2 is no stranger to collaborations, and its next IP alliance will see the Bungie-developed game team up with Ghostbusters. As part of a promotion for Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, three Ghostbusters-themed cosmetics will be added to Destiny 2 on March 19.

These include a new Slimer cosplay shell for your Ghost companion, a new spaceship inspired by the Ghostbuster's Ecto-1, and a Sparrow influenced by the spooky design of Frozen Empire's villain Garraka. Strangely, there are no themed armor cosmetics at all, so anyone looking to don a familiar khaki flight-suit so that they can make authentic use of a Ghostbusters emote are out of luck.

Prices haven't been revealed yet for the new gear, but these are typically pricy. Last year's pack of Witcher-themed armor and gear cost 2,800 Silver, or $30 in real-world cash when purchasing that premium in-game currency. These cosmetics are regularly discounted, but on average, they have a starting price of 2,200 Silver or $20. Destiny 2 is no stranger to crossovers, as the game has also offered cosmetics inspired by Mass Effect and Fortnite in the past.

Currently, Destiny 2 players are busy with this year's Guardian Games ahead of June's release of The Final Shape, when they're not busy exploring the world on their new hoverboards. Meanwhile, the new Ghostbusters film is out on March 22, and will see both past and present generations of paranormal exterminators join forces to stop New York City from entering a new ice age.

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