Destiny 2: Forsaken Content Will Be Vaulted Eventually

More Destiny 2 content is going into the Vault, although we don't know for sure when it'll happen.


More portions of Destiny 2 will be removed from the game, left unplayable to everyone and placed in the "Destiny Content Vault." Bungie says the Forsaken expansion is next on the block to get pulled from the game in the developer's ongoing attempt to balance Destiny 2's install size with seasonal content drops and yearly expansion releases. It follows earlier content, including the original launch campaign, which is no longer accessible.

"Forsaken content will be vaulted at some point," Bungie general manager Justin Truman said in an interview with Eurogamer. That means at least some portions of the game that were added with the 2018's Forsaken expansion--including the Tangled Shore and Dreaming City locations, the Last Wish raid and Shattered Throne dungeon, and their related activities and story content--could be removed from the game. When the Beyond Light expansion was released in 2020, Bungie removed vanilla Destiny 2 content and content from its first two expansions, Curse of Osiris and Warmind, to make space. In all, four planetary locations and three raids went into the Vault, along with all their story and activities.

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"I think in the same way we don't want eight raids, it's the same thing with storylines--we don't want when a new player enters into Destiny, there's five different competing storylines that they could start playing and in some of them, Uldren's a good guy, and in some of them he's a bad guy, and it's not clear if you're playing them out of order," Truman explained, referring to the character Uldren Sov, who was an antagonist in Forsaken but has returned in a new role in the most recent Destiny 2 seasons.

"We want to curate that experience," he continued. "We're probably not going to go in strict chronological order--like, oh, the next Destiny 2 destination that came in the launch Destiny would be the next one to Vault. Instead, we're thinking about it in terms of, which one of these destinations or experiences is doing the least to the overall healthy ecosystem? And that can range from, which ones have the most exciting experiences that we want to stick around, it could be to do with combatant usage, like, hey, if we get rid of this, there just aren't that many places where Cabal are in Destiny 2 anymore...."

Bungie previously explained that the reason behind vaulting Destiny 2 content was to manage the game's install size and breadth; removing older content that wasn't being used as much made space for new content, like the Beyond Light expansion, and to help keep all the existing Destiny 2 content from getting unwieldy. The Vault also doesn't mean content is gone forever. Bungie brought back a tuned-up version of Destiny 1's Cosmodrome with Beyond Light, along with three retooled Destiny 1 Strike missions. It's also bringing back the Vault of Glass, Destiny first-ever raid, with the next content season in May.

If we had to guess, though, we'd assume that Forsaken is headed to the content vault early next year. That's when Bungie will release its next expansion, The Witch Queen, and presumably add more new destinations to visit. We'll have to wait to see just what Bungie has in mind, but in the meantime, it's probably a good idea to start getting in some runs of Last Wish.

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