Destiny 2 Dev Delays Some Upcoming Features Until Later Updates

You'll have to wait a bit longer for unique Nightfall Strike rewards and other changes.


Destiny 2

A big Destiny 2 update is scheduled for release next week which will add several new features and change some systems in the game. However, Bungie announced today that it has had to delay a few of these features until future updates.

Specifically, Bungie has pushed back the release date for reducing duplicate Exotic drop rates, unique rewards for Nightfall Strikes, and viewing vendors in the companion app. In a blog post, Bungie specifically addressed the delay for unique Nightfall rewards, explaining that new weapons and gear will require more time for the artists to design than originally anticipated. All of these features are now scheduled for release on March 27 in the 1.1.4 patch.

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Tweaks to Exotic gear were originally planned to roll out with the 1.1.4 patch. However, due to the other delays, Bungie now plans on implementing the Exotic changes in the big 1.2.0 patch coming with the launch of Season 3. This update will also bring a Prestige Mode for Eater of Worlds, an increase to Vault space, and private matches, among other new features.

Update 1.1.3, meanwhile, is slated for release on Tuesday, February 27, and it will come with a bunch of new emblem variants. It will also add Nightfall scoring, the ability to see Fireteam Members on the destination map, and public text chat on PC.

Destiny 2's latest Faction Rally is happening now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. There are a few new weapons available, one for each faction. A faction's gun will be made available if that faction emerges victorious from the event. You can see the new Faction Rally weapons here.

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