Destiny 2: Bungie Disables Gambit Penalties After Bug Kicks Players From Matches

Bungie is investigating a bug that's making Gambit tough for Destiny 2 players, knocking them out of matches at inopportune times.


Each new season of Destiny 2 inevitably carries a few bugs with it, even as Bungie works to squash a whole bunch of other issues with its seasonal update. We've already seen that some requirements are incorrect for upgrading a part of the Season of the Worthy's new activities, the Seraph Bunkers. Now it seems some players are finding themselves kicked out of Gambit matches for no reason, or winning matches when the other team suddenly disconnects.

The issue seems to be related to leveling up your season pass while in a Gambit match. If someone in a match levels up, other people get disconnected from the match, as some players report. That can lead to an instant win or an instant loss.

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Bungie tweeted that it's investigating the issue, and although the issue sounds like it can be frustrating, our quick test proved that it doesn't happen in every Gambit match.

Still, Bungie also noted that it's disabling the disconnect penalty on Gambit matches for the time being.

Under normal circumstances, the game issues temporary bans on players who leave too many matches early, in order to keep people from quitting when they're losing. Since disconnects seem to be happening with no warning, that penalty isn't really helping people who are trying to play Gambit.

There are a few other known issues Bungie is running down in the Season of the Worthy, as well. Bungie has tweeted that it's seeing crashes happening in the Shattered Throne dungeon from the Forsaken expansion, and that matchmaking in the Crucible wasn't working correctly when the season kicked off on Tuesday. The developer says that last issue, at least, will be fixed in time for the Trials of Osiris multiplayer event that starts on Friday, March 13, and runs through the weekend.

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