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Destiny 2 Bad Juju Guide: How To Quickly Get The Exotic Pulse Rifle

Break on through to the Other Side.


It's that time again: another new Exotic weapon has appeared in Destiny 2, joining Bungie's fix to the Menagerie's reward chest bug in the game's latest update. Bad Juju has returned--we last saw it in the original Destiny--and it's just as powerful as you remember. Like lots of other Exotics, you'll need to complete a quest to add this one to your collection.

You'll have at least some work cut to do in earning Bad Juju, although it's easier to unlock than most Exotics. If you're rich in Glimmer and planetary materials, you can get the gun pretty quickly (which makes sense, given it's the Season of Opulence). Here's hoping you've already grown fat with strength.

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Now Playing: Destiny 2's Bad Juju: How To Start The Exotic Quest And Reach The Tribute Hall

The mission to unlock the Exotic pulse rifle concerns a new location you'll get access to when you go hunting for the weapon: the Tribute Hall. It's a special room Emperor Calus has set up as a gift to you, where you can track your accomplishments. It's similar to the new Moments of Triumph activity that just launched, but not related--and while Calus likes to lavish affection on you, you're going to have to pay him for the privilege.

To get started with the Tribute Hall, you'll need to pick up a new quest called "Imperial Invitation." To do that, you're going to need to go to Nessus. Here's everything you need to know to get Bad Juju fast.

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Where To Start: Talk To Werner

First, head to Werner 99-40, the Calus quest-giver who hangs out on the Barge in Watcher's Grave on Nessus. You'll receive the quest from opening the new treasure chest that's standing beside the quest-giver. Once you have that, you can access the Tribute Hall, a new location on the Leviathan. The icon will appear next to the one for the Menagerie.

Go to the Tribute Hall and talk to the Visage of Calus statue. After a brief explanation, he'll give you a set of weekly Champion bounties. You only need to complete one to advance the quest, so pick whatever's most comfortable for you and go knock it out.

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Gathering Tributes

Once you finish a Champion bounty, return to the Tribute Hall and talk to the Visage of Calus again. Trade in your bounty as a Tithe, which will reduce slightly the price of the Tributes you can purchase from Calus. More on that in a minute. He'll also give you an item, which you'll place next to the door to the Tribute Hall proper to open it. Calus will also explain that you can fill the hall with trophies (called Tributes) to celebrate your own magnificence.

Filling the hall with Tributes is precisely how you (eventually) obtain Bad Juju. The quest will advance to instruct you to get your first three Tributes and place them in the hall. You can get Tributes in two ways: by earning them and by purchasing them. You earn Tributes by completing Triumphs under the Tribute Hall section of your Triumphs menu (located in the Destinations tab next to where you'd find the Menagerie). These mostly have you completing activities like Strikes, Gambit and Crucible matches, and Raids while wearing and using Opulence gear. Calus will also sell you several Tributes, which you can buy for a combination of Glimmer, planetary materials, Legendary shards, and Bright Dust.

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Expensive Furniture

Every time you place three Tributes, you'll advance the quest and receive another item to place: a Memory of one of Calus's war hounds from the Leviathan Strike. They get set around the treasure chest in the center of the room; once you have all four, you can open it.

In total, you need 18 Tributes to access the chest. Getting them from Triumphs is the smart way to do things; you'll pay through the nose buying Tributes from Calus at the start, but completing bounties can bring the prices way down over time. The trouble is, you'll be waiting quite a while to get your Bad Juju if you don't buy from Calus. If you do choose to go the purchase route, make sure you have plenty of planetary materials, Legendary shards, and especially Glimmer. Everything costs Glimmer in addition to other currencies, so you'll run out of that the fastest. If you need more of any given thing, stop by the Spider on the Tangled Shore, who will trade you various currencies for others.

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The Other Side

However you do it, work your way up to 18 Tributes to access your final mission, called "The Other Side." Calus will direct you to the chest in the middle of the Tribute Hall, which holds a frightening weapon. You'll need to venture to the Ascendant Plane to find it, working your way through a mixed-up version of the Leviathan, filled with Taken enemies.

For the most part, this mission is pretty easy, despite feeling a bit overwhelming. While it's bustling with powerful Taken enemies who are great at overwhelming you (especially if you're alone), there are no points at which falling in battle will set you back--so feel free to die as much as you need to as you advance. Some of the challenges you'll face are twisted versions of what you went through on the Leviathan, including a frightening take on the Pleasure Gardens (pro tip: don't try to climb up above the enemies). You don't have to do much except keep fighting and killing enemies--but you're going to want to bring guns that are good for crowd-clearing, as there are a lot of Taken thralls around. Something with good distance, like a machine gun, will also be very useful for taking out Shriekers and snipers along the way.

Once you complete The Other Side, you'll win your reward: Bad Juju. It's a fully automatic pulse rifle with String of Curses perk, which earns you magazine refills and increased damage for kills, and gives you Super energy for multi-kills.

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Working On The Catalyst

Just because you've got Bad Juju doesn't mean you're done filling the Tribute Hall. There are still lots of other things to earn and place throughout the room. Doing so unlocks you another reward: the Bad Juju Catalyst, which makes its String of Curses perk more effective and gives you Super energy more easily. To get it, you'll need to place 45 total Tributes. You'll need to purchase some in addition to the ones you can earn from the Triumphs, so save your money.

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