Demo o' Dragonshard available

Sneak peek at Atari's PC role-playing game slicing it up on GameSpot DLX; file includes first two chapters.



The dungeons are a-crawlin'! PC gamers looking for a double dose of Dungeons & Dragons-style demos have gotten their wish. Yesterday, Gas Powered Games' Dungeon Siege II demo was released to the public. Today, another fantasy-themed game, Atari's Dragonshard, is giving gamers a peek into its depths.

The single-player demo for the strategy role-playing game is now available on GameSpot DLX. The 379MB file includes the first two chapters of the Order of the Flame campaign. Atari notes that the game's artificial intelligence is still being finalized, "so it is not completely representational of the final product."

Dragonshard is a licensed Dungeons & Dragons game that combines role-playing and real-time strategy elements. The game takes place in Eberron, a world populated by the requisite D&D creatures and citizens in need of adventurous heroes.

A full retail version of Dragonshard is scheduled for a September 20 release. The game is rated T for Teen and will sell for $49.99. For more information, head over to GameSpot's previous coverage.

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