Dell's 64MB DDR GeForce Now Available

The fastest video card available now gets twice as much memory.


Nvidia announced the availability of its GeForce Plus at Dell Computers as of this morning. The Plus marries a typical GeForce 256 video card with an additional 32MB of double data rate SDRAM for a total of 64MB of DDR memory.

"Our ultimate goal is to provide realistic, cinematic-quality graphics to the desktop PC, and this new 64 MB DDR GeForce puts us another step closer to achieving this goal," said Nvidia senior VP of marketing Dan Vivoli. "Users can now experience richly textured scenes at extremely high resolution without sacrificing frame rate."

The hard-core gamer will undoubtedly want to make use of the extra 32MB of memory on this card. However, this announcement doesn't come without a catch. The GeForce Plus is only available through Dell Computers, and it can only be bought as part of an upgrade to a brand-new computer. Additionally, the Plus will add another US$130 on top of Dell's cost to upgrade to the regular GeForce 256. Complete ordering details are available at Dell.

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