Defiance release date set for April 2

Trion's open-world MMO shooter will release ahead of accompanying TV series debut.



Experimental third-person transmedia-stuffed shooter Defiance will release worldwide on April 2, publisher Trion has announced.

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The open-world online title will launch on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, The accompanying Defiance TV show, which pledges to change its storyline based on what people get up to in the game, will kick off April 15 on US network Syfy.

To accompany the announcement Trion also released its full-length Join the Fight live action trailer, which shows the game's Ark Hunters fighting some enormous antagonistic crustaceans, known as Hellbugs, in Defiance's slightly-apocalyptic universe.

Defiance is set in the San Francisco Bay Area in a futuristic time period where Earth been dramatically changed by alien terraforming, whereas the TV series will take place in St. Louis.

Trion announced a series of layoffs in December 2012, but said that its 2013 titles-- Defiance, End of Nations and Crytek's Warface-- would be unaffected.

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