DeathSpank bringing home The Baconing this summer

Hothead prepping new installment in humor-based action RPG sans creator Ron Gilbert for download on consoles, PC.


Hothead Games isn't contenting itself with just announcing a game based on Douglas Adams' classic sci-fi comedy novel The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy today. Kotaku reports that the publisher has also offered first word on the third installment in its absurdist humor-based action role-playing game franchise, DeathSpank.

The Anti-Spank is ostensibly pro-bacon.
The Anti-Spank is ostensibly pro-bacon.

Titled DeathSpank: The Baconing, the game is expected to ship as a downloadable title for unspecified consoles and the PC this summer. The third-person action RPG sees the titular hero this time squaring off against the fearsome Anti-Spank, who is questing for the Fires of Bacon.

Along with a new storyline, The Baconing reportedly boasts more than 100 new quests, more than 70 characters (some new, some returning), some 80 new weapons, and a tougher difficulty level. The game will also feature a new postapocalyptic world setting.

The DeathSpank franchise was created by venerated adventure game designer Ron Gilbert, who is perhaps best known for his work on LucasArts' Secret of Monkey Island series. After briefly serving as creative director at Hothead, Gilbert joined back up with Monkey Island cowriter Tim Schafer on a new project at Double Fine. Kotaku's report indicated that Gilbert was not involved in The Baconing.

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