Dead or Alive 5 Gameplay Gallery

Have a butchers at a few rounds from the upcoming Dead or Alive 5, the latest chapter in the seminal fighting series.


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We recently got our hands on near-final code for the upcoming installment of the 3D fighting series Dead or Alive 5. The preview build gave us access to the game’s arcade and versus modes--12 of the game’s roster were playable, including Virtua Fighter's Akira.

The rock-paper-scissors style gameplay will be familiar to fans of the series, with battles taking place in interactive and highly destructible environments. The series’ signature danger zones make an explosive return; a player knocked in a particular direction will trigger a damaging quicktime event, including exploding power generators and flaming missile strikes, that set the whole stage into motion for the rest of the round.

Check out a little of what Dead or Alive 5 has to offer below!

Leifang vs Tina

Akira vs Hayate

Danger Zones

Are you excited for some Dead or Alive action or tired of the flesh-fest? Let us know in the comments below.

You can also see more of Dead or Alive 5 in this E3 Stage Demo:

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