DC Memory Card 4X Compatibility List

The Memory Card 4X is not compatible with a number of Dreamcast games in Japan.


Today, Sega announced a list of Dreamcast software that is not compatible with the Memory Card 4X. The following titles are not compatible, and the company urges to use the current VMU:

  • Hite E: White Illumination
  • Dynamite Cop 2
  • Air Force Delta
  • Maboroshi Oboro
  • Kitaihei Gold
  • F1 World Grand Prix
  • Carrier
  • Nanatsu No Hikan
  • Sekai Fushigi Hakken: Trojan
  • Bikkuriman 2000
  • Rayman
  • Sakura Momoko Gekijyo: Coji-Coji
The following titles are compatible with Dreamcast software. Banks cannot be switched during the game, and they must be done before boot-up.
  • Sega Rally Championship 2
  • Marionette Company
  • Shenmue Chapter 1
  • Death Crimson 2
  • Zombie Revenge
  • Maken X
  • Hello Kitty's Lovely Fruits Pack
  • Hello Kitty's Garden Panic
  • Hello Kitty's Magical Block
  • D2
  • Toy Ranger
  • Undercover 2025 AD Kei
  • Get Colonies
  • Memories Off: Complete
  • Frame Gride
The Memory Card 4X for the Dreamcast is scheduled for a December 14 release in Japan.

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