Dawn of War Looms

Publisher Virgin and developer Illusion Machines will create a new Stone Age strategy game.


Virgin Interactive Entertainment and Illusion Machines Inc. are teaming up to bring out Dawn of War, which is the working title for a real-time combat strategy and resource game expected early next year. It takes place in a mythical prehistory, when Cro Magnons battle Neanderthals and humanoid dinosaurs called Saurians for supremacy.

Illusion Machines includes Ellen Guon Beeman and Stephen Beeman, who helped create Wing Commander II, and the development team for the game counts Denis Loubet (artist on the Ultima series and original Wing Commander) and Benjamin Ellinger among its numbers. Illusion Machines has also worked on This Means War! for MicroProse. VIE, on the other hand, is the publisher of Westwood's Command & Conquer series.

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