Darkfall announced

Norweigian developer Razorwax unveils its upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game.


Razorwax, a new developer based in Oslo, Norway, has announced its upcoming online role-playing game Darkfall. The massively multiplayer game is set in a medieval fantasy world inhabited by a variety of creatures and races. The game will focus primarily on player vs. player combat and large-scale wars between different races. It will also feature hundreds of skills and spells in order to make combat more interesting.

Although Darkfall isn't scheduled for release until early 2003, Razorwax plans to begin closed pre-alpha testing of the game next month. "We have seen lately that other companies have been developing games for two or three years before starting open testing," said lead designer and producer Claus Grovdal. "We want to try something different, and be closer to our potential future players earlier in the development process."

We've posted some early screenshots showing some of the different environments that will be included in the gameworld. Darkfall is still in the first stages of the development process, and no publisher has been announced. For more information about the game, visit the official Darkfall Web site.

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