Dark Planet ships

Ubi Soft's futuristic real-time strategy game is sent off to stores in North America.


Dark Planet: Battle for Natrolis

Ubi Soft has announced that it has shipped Dark Planet: Battle for Natrolis to retailers in North America. Developed by Edgies, Dark Planet features three distinct races--the technologically advanced colonists, the lizardlike sorin, and the mutant insects known as the dreil, each of which has different advantages and disadvantages. The single-player mode in the game contains three separate campaigns, along with four multiplayer modes.

"We've taken a lot of time with Dark Planet, ensuring that it has high replay value and that the three races greatly contribute to that end," said David Wightman, managing director of Edgies. "Veteran RTS gamers will feel like they're experiencing three entirely different games, given the different goals, resources, and strategies for each individual race, and players of all skill levels will appreciate the scalable gameplay and beautiful 3D environment."

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