Dark Horizons: Lore signed

GarageGames announces that it has signed an exclusive online licensing agreement for Max Gaming's online mecha game.


GarageGames has today announced that it has signed an exclusive online licensing agreement with Max Gaming for Dark Horizons: Lore. The game is the first title signed by GarageGames built using the company's own Torque engine.

Dark Horizons: Lore is an action game set in the 22nd century at a time when the forces of the Federated States and the Eastern Confederation are warring over resources. The game will see players remotely piloting mechanized assault vehicles (MAVs) armed with futuristic weapons that include plasma rifles, cannons, and missiles.

"Building a community-driven mecha game has been our team's passion for years," said Adrian Wright, president of Max Gaming. "Publishing Lore with GarageGames marks a major milestone for Max Gaming. Working with GarageGames is a great honor when you consider their team's development portfolio going back to the first Mechwarrior in '89 and Starsiege in '99; we're now part of a great mecha heritage."

"We always talk about fan bases that larger commercial publishers have abandoned, and the mecha community is a prime example," added Jeff Tunnell, president of GarageGames. "We believe that teaming with this incredibly dedicated audience, Max Gaming is going to produce the kind of franchise that mecha fans have been anxiously waiting for."

We'll bring you more information on Dark Horizons: Lore, which is currently in beta testing, as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime, you might be interested to check out the game's official Web site.

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