Dark Cloud ships

Sony ships its first-party RPG for the PlayStation 2.


Sony Computer Entertainment has announced the shipment of Dark Cloud for the Sony PlayStation 2. The RPG includes six playable characters and incorporates elements of strategy, world building, exploration, battle, and puzzle solving in its gameplay.

"Dark Cloud is an incredibly compelling narrative, realistically brought to life by the technological capabilities of the PlayStation 2,'' said Ami Blaire, director of product marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America. "With its beautifully rendered graphics, imaginative characters, strategic gameplay, real-time interactivity, and powerful storyline, this creative new offering will surely fulfill the appetites of gamers looking for something refreshing and original.''

The North American version of Dark Cloud is 30 percent larger than the version released in Japan, according to Sony. It will include a new battle system, extra weapons, new monsters, enhanced AI, a new dungeon level, and a so-called event battle where players have to push the right button combinations at the right time.

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