Daikatana Slowly Taking Shape

More official and unofficial pictures of ION Storm's Daikatana.


ION Storm definitely has an interesting policy with releasing new screenshots and videos of its first game Daikatana.

No sooner than ION Storm releases a picture on its site, two unofficial additional shots appear all over the Web. And until gamers have an alpha or solid beta to play with, they'll have to live with the steady trickle of screenshots coming out of ION Storm's stronghold.

Now to the screenshots. The first shot appears to be from the futuristic Japan level and the second has to be from the post-apocalyptic San Francisco level (with a gun that looks like it came straight out of Battlestar Galactica).

The lighting looks good, but the water in the San Francisco level isn't fully transparent. The current version of GL Quake supports transparent water on the 3Dfx-based graphics cards and should be included in the final version of Daikatana.

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