Daemon X Machina Celebrates Its First Year With Freebies

The Switch mech game has passed the first anniversary of its release, and everyone gets a present.


Daemon X Machina released in September 2019 for Switch, and has now, in November 2020, released its first anniversary update. No judgement here--time has stopped making sense this year--but the good news here is that everyone who owns the game can access some free content.

Daemon X Machina is also available on PC, and both versions have received an update.

The first anniversary update, version 1.4.0 on Switch (1.0.2 on PC), comes with numerous cosmetic elements, and one bonus mission, which lets you battle Eclipse Q, a powerful enemy that will grant you a new blueprint for an Arsenal if you defeat it.

Here are all the freebies added in this update, via Nintendo Life:

  • “Grossfeiern” Arsenal skin
  • “Grandemon” Outer suit
  • “Eclipse RT: Omega Destruction Strategy” Order – Battle against the strengthened Colossal Immortal “Eclipse Q.”
  • Three Arsenal decals
  • Three Preview backgrounds

Daemon X Machina earned a 7/10 in GameSpot's review of the Switch version. "The missed potential of the story and minor issues with mech-vs-mech combat and multiplayer loadouts make Daemon X Machina fall just short of its potential, but the foundation is strong," wrote reviewer Steve Watts. "As a total package, it’s on the verge of greatness; it just needed a little more time in the shop tinkering."

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