D2 To Feature Bunny Roast A-Go-Go!

Have a taste for bunny rabbit? D2 has what you need.


As many of you know, Enemy Zero creator Kenji Eno and his Warp crew are hard at work on their upcoming shock-fest D2. A Resident Evil-style adventure rendered in real-time 3D, D2 will continue Warp's tradition of offbeat and unique horror-adventures. The game is set in the northern tundra, and one would wonder how exactly Laura, the game's heroine, would find enough sustenance to survive in the cruel environment.

According to Sega representative Heather Hawkins, D2 will feature the ability to hunt and cook the rabbits you see roaming around D2's environs. In Laura's inventory, gamers will find a hibachi or some sort of stove-top utensil that will allow Laura to cook the cuddly critters and keep her shapely self alive. Now only if Jill Valentine could deep-fry those zombies!

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