Cruise Ship Tycoon ships

Activision Value announces that its latest Tycoon game is now available in stores across North America. First screens inside.


Cruise Ship Tycoon

Activision Value has today announced the release of Cruise Ship Tycoon for the PC. The game features three different gameplay modes, and it requires players to establish a mighty cruise ship empire by ensuring that guests have a good time, employees are satisfied, and that the luxury liners in the fleet are both modern and seaworthy.

"Cruise Ship Tycoon combines the most popular and well-liked aspects of tycoon/simulation games with new design elements custom-tailored to the cruise industry," said Patrick Kelly, vice president of studios, Activision Value Publishing. "From hiring the crew and entertaining the guests to making sure the ship is in top condition, it's up to gamers to keep their boat afloat."

Further information on Cruise Ship Tycoon is scarce at present, but we'll bring you more information on the game as soon as we get hold of a copy.

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