Crowfall, A Fantasy PvP MMO, Is Now Available On PC

Crowfall, the new PvP centric MMO is now available on PC.


Crowfall, the new fantasy MMO from ArtCraft Entertainment, is now available for PC. The new MMO focuses on player-versus-player gameplay with constantly changing worlds in different campaigns, with different maps, politics, and rule sets.

With a heavy focus on PvP battles, both individual and large-scale, the game features a fast advancement curve allowing players to get competitive in hours. While the advancement system allows for numerous combinations between race, class, class promotion, and subclass disciplines that could provide deep gameplay, developer ArtCraft doesn't want players to feel like they are just grinding to get to the endgame.

"Crowfall represents a new frontier of online gaming," creative director J. Todd Coleman said in a press release. "It was designed to be a constantly changing, dynamic feudal world. The story of Crowfall will be written by the players. They will claim territory, build massive fortifications, lay siege to their neighbors, forge alliances and topple empires. Their deeds will become the history of this world."

Coleman said that Crowfall is taking a different approach to the MMO genre, shortcutting the work needed by players to reach the endgame and that "the endgame is the game." Crowfall is available now on PC and costs $40 USD, but it does not require a monthly subscription, allowing players to "buy now and play forever."

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