Crafting Mama Impressions

Mama may not mine for fish, but all of her crafts are much more practical.


Crafting Mama

From cooking and gardening (and now apparently raising babies), Mama now moves into the finely crafted art of…arts and crafts. Once again published by Majesco, this Cooking Mama Limited designed game will be coming to the Nintendo DS. Players have the options to design a wide variety of objects, including aprons, kaleidoscopes, paper airplanes, pinatas, mugs and even miniature Mama dolls. The creation of a mug isn’t just a single minigame; instead, it’s a series of levels that map the progress of not only making, but also using the cup.

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First, a wad of clay was placed on a pottery wheel and carefully melded into the appropriate shape through correct touches of the screen. Next, a handle would be attached via applying glue and bringing the pieces together with the stylus. Instead of a single mug being finished in a kiln, a full patch was loaded in with expert precession. After cooling, the mug was further customized by giving it a colorful coat of paint. But it wouldn’t be enough to simply craft the cup. The final minigame in the series had Mama serve up refreshing drinks placed in the mugs.

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The other crafts and their end results will have to wait until Crafting Mama is released in winter 2010 for the Nintendo DS.

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