Conflict: Desert Storm sequels announced

Pivotal Games is working on two sequels to its squad-based action game set during the Gulf War. Screens inside.


Conflict: Desert Storm

SCi has announced a development agreement with Pivotal Games for two further games in the Conflict series--which SCi is referring to as "highly successful," despite the fact that the first game, Conflict: Desert Storm, isn't due in stores until September.

The first of the two sequels, due for release in 2003, is Conflict: Desert Sabre. This will be a direct sequel to Conflict: Desert Storm, a game that was designed in collaboration with ex-SAS NCO Cameron Spence and focuses on the SAS and Delta Force teams sent into Iraq during Desert Shield. Desert Sabre will add further missions and characters to the conflict, although few details have been released at this time.

The second sequel, due for release in 2004, is Conflict: Missing Presumed Dead. Unlike Desert Sabre, this game will feature an entirely original concept based on the events of the Vietnam War. The game will see players assuming control of four US soldiers who have lost contact with their unit behind enemy lines during the 1968 Tet Offensive. The soldiers have to fight their way back to the American lines in what SCi is describing as "an epic journey reminiscent of Apocalypse Now."

Conflict: Desert Storm is due for release in September. SCi will publish the game in Europe, while in the US it will be one of the first games to be published under Take-Two Interactive's new label, Gotham Games. For further information, check out our previous coverage of the Xbox and Xbox versions of the game.

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