Company to sell Halo armor replicas

Got an extra $3,500? If so, you can sport the Master Chief's MJOLNIR suit this Halloween.


Recently, Bungie Studios posted an interview with Atlanta-based Nightmare Armor, a small art company which will soon be selling full-size, fully wearable replicas of the Master Chief's MJOLNIR armor from Halo. While they probably wouldn't stand up to much plasma fire, the fiberglass and aluminum replicas look amazingly realistic, and even include blue lights on the helmet and a fully mirrored faceplate.

While the MJOLNIR replicas are not exactly proper for formal gatherings, Nightmare Armor's Brian Boling has found several occasions to wear them. "We go to conventions such as: Dragon Con, ComicCon, Costume Con, Gen Con, Chicago Con, just to name a few," he told Bungie. "This year we're all excited about possibly making it out to E3." The replica would also possibly be one of the most badass Halloween costumes ever constructed.

Unfortunately, like the full-sized Robocop suits that occasionally pop up on eBay, the MJOLNIR replicas are not cheap. When the Nightmare Armor site is officially re-launched in a few weeks--currently, only a primitive store is online--it will offer the fully finished suits for $3,500 a pop in Space Marine green. For those who'd prefer to paint their replicas themselves, unfinished pieces are available individually.

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