Comic-Con Wrap-Up

We're here to give you the SDCC 2011 wrap-up!


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Comic-Con Games

So many awesome games were to be had this year at SDCC, such as The Darkness II, Batman: Arkham City, and SoulCalibur V to name a few. Be sure to check out all the awesome gaming news from Comic-Con 2011.

Video Game Panels, Live and Uncut
Among the dozens of video features and pictures to indulge in from SDCC 2011, we thought we would throw in some of the raw coverage that includes full videos of a few cherry-picked panels. What can you expect to see? Well you'll just have to click to find out.

Community Activities

There were just so many community activities to celebrate this year, and we actually have one more left for you to participate in, along with an update on the other activities!

Secret Identity Closing Thursday
So far, your submissions have been so creative! And, we have some good news: You can all still participate until Thursday at 10:00 a.m. PT. If you're still wondering how you can participate, here's how.

Update on Contests and Activities

We had so many awesome ways for you to celebrate as if you were at the event, so if you participated in any of the amazing activities this year, then be sure to sound off in the roll-call threads to get your profile power-ups, emblems, and more!
Publisher Wars
Union Exclusive Comic-Con Coverage
GameSpot Comic-Con Anthem
Super Hero Sound Off

Cosplay and Costumes Roundup

We were there running around Comic-Con with our live cam, cameras, and flipcam to find the best cosplay and costumes. Here are some videos and photos you just cannot MISS!

Cosplay Interviews
We saw a variety of amazing costumes and so much creativity, and your very own Jody Robinson couldn't help but talk to a couple of these creative cosplayers about their creations!

Costume Battles
This year, we introduced our new battle feature: pitting costume against costume. This seemed to get a lot of attention this year. If you haven't voted yet, then give it a look.

Photo Gallery
This photo gallery continues to grow daily with costumes, figurines, toys, SDCC coverage, and more! We have more photos to add daily! So check back frequently.

Wonder Women Wear
Here's a hot topic in the DC Universe that we asked you GameSpotters to vote on: What is Wonder Woman's better look, tight pants or hot pants? Ready for the shocking results? Well you'll have to check them out!

GameSpot Videos and Features

So much was happening at SDCC this year, and you better believe that GameSpot was there, recording, writing, and photographing every piece of SDCC we could get our hands on.

Live Cam Tour
Our superstar, Colin, aka The Video Viking, came to Comic-Con to give you tours around the show floor. Boldly going where only a few GameSpot staffers dared to go (thanks to his skills if you weren't able to attend this year), he sure did his best to make you feel like you were there and that you also received an emblem that was automatically granted! Furthermore, for those who took the time to check out his content Colin will be giving out some of his personal Comic-Con 2011 swag. More details on that to come.

Tonight on the Spot Episodes
We had so many evening shows with Tonight on the Spot that we hope you didn't miss any of them. We had the Xbox 360 party, Lord of the Rings: War in the North event, GameSpot Meet Up with our members, an Activision event, a Mortal Kombat DLC event, and more! If a Tonight on the Spot happened to slip past you, don't worry! You're still able to check them out here.

Super Button Mashing
Super Button Mashing will be returning soon enough, and this time, there will be a superhero twist. Be sure to keep an eye out for it during On the Spot, Thursday July 28 at 4 p.m. PT!


Last but certainly not least: If you posted about Comic-Con, be sure to send a PM to your friendly neighborhood community manager Synthia about it for the chance to be featured in the weekly report this Friday.

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