Codemasters signs up for in-game ads

DiRT developer is the latest company to partner with an ad company for advertising to be placed in future titles.


IGA Worldwide and Codemasters have signed a three-year deal for both "static and dynamic" advertising in "a range of future titles" from the publisher.

Codemasters becomes the latest company to jump on the in-game advertising bandwagon, after Eidos signed a three-year deal with Double Fusion, and Splash Damage announced that online tactical shooter Enemy Territory: Quake Wars would feature ads to offset support costs.

Rod Cousens, Codemasters' CEO, commented on the deal to promise that it, "will not compromise the brand experience or content credibility of our product offerings for consumers."

IGA's ad clients include Intel, Ben Sherman, MTV, FHM, 20th Century Fox, and Amazon.

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