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CoD: Warzone Teaser Suggests Zombies Might Spread Across Verdansk

It looks like zombies are about to invade the entirety of Call of Duty: Warzone's Verdansk.


The Call of Duty Twitter account is seemingly teasing new content coming to Warzone--and it looks like it will be related to the newly released zombies plaguing a small part of Verdansk.

On Twitter, the Call of Duty account shared a "breaking news report" from the BCH4 newsroom. The video features a newscaster discussing the recent events occurring at the Shipwreck crash site, which "released hordes of zombies onto the shores of Verdansk." The newscaster then throws it to fictional reporter Mike Field (in the field) before the helicopter he's dropping in on gets shot down. The video feed subsequently cuts back to the newsroom.

Zombies are only on one part of Verdansk, the Shipwreck crash site. This locale on the map is a tiny portion of the expansive Verdansk, so the rumor is that zombies will spread across the region. March 10 marks Warzone's one-year anniversary and thus players are assuming the zombie outbreak will continue to grow until then, at which point Verdansk is said to get nuked.

VGC reported that Verdansk getting blown up is to aid in ending Warzone Season 2. More specifically, it'll transition the game from the Modern Warfare-era to Black Ops Cold War. This is said to happen narratively through the nukes players have discovered across Verdansk.

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