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CoD: Warzone And MW2 Season 5 Reloaded Adds Lara Croft And New Maps

Here are all the big announcements for Warzone and MW2's Season 5 Reloaded update.


The Season 5 Reloaded update for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone arrives on August 30. Activision's latest blog post made all the major announcements for Call of Duty's midseason update, including a new multiplayer map, another Warzone Resurgence map, and Lara Croft arriving as a new operator.

More weapons, new operators, and a seasonal event

Season 5 Reloaded will include three new weapons in a brand-new sector of the battle pass, and they can all be unlocked with in-game challenges or purchased through store bundles. These include the ice pick melee weapon, 9mm Daemon pistol, and the Lachmann Shroud submachine gun.

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Three more operators are also announced. 21 Savage is the final operator bundle dropping as part of Call of Duty's hip hop celebration, joining the existing operator bundles for Snoop Dogg and Nicki Minaj. The 21 Savage operator bundle arrives at the launch of Season 5 Reloaded, and it includes his operator skin, two weapon blueprints, vehicle skin, loading screen, and more.

Tomb Raider is getting a crossover in Call of Duty, and the Lara Croft operator bundle is set to arrive on September 9. The bundle will include three weapon blueprints, the Croft Manner finishing move, vehicle skin, loading screen, and more.

Mace from Modern Warfare 2019 is returning in Modern Warfare 2. This bundle will be available sometime in September, and it will include two weapon blueprints, a finishing move, and more. This is also a bundle with DMZ bonuses. Mace will offer an additional operator slot for DMZ, and a Battle Rage self-revive whenever he's selected as the active operator.

Continuing the trend for Call of Duty's Reloaded updates, there will be a brand-new weapon camo event. This includes a new standard weapon camo, a mastery camo, and a weapon charm for those who complete the weapon challenges. This update also adds a similar camo challenge for vehicles, allowing players to unlock new skins for their rides.

Lara Croft in Call of Duty
Lara Croft in Call of Duty


Warzone's new Resurgence map for Season 5 is actually a familiar location. Fort Resurgence is the respawn-based mode that will be limited to Al Mazrah's Al Bagra Fortress. Activision says the boundaries for this map include the entire Al Bagra Fortress point of interest and immediate surrounding areas. Fort Resurgence will have its own playlist at launch, making it separate from the Resurgence rotation playlist that contains Ashika Island and Vondel.

Warzone 1's Armored Royale mode also returns. Squads will drop down on their own armored MRAP vehicle, and they can use, fortify, and repair this vehicle, while fighting off opposing squads with their own armored vehicles. As long as a squad still has their MRAP, they can redeploy, but the match is over once their vehicle is destroyed.

On the DMZ side, new faction missions will be available with all new rewards to earn. There are also new Communication Station upgrade tasks, which include perks such as lengthening the duration of UAV Tower and SAM Sites.

Modern Warfare 2

A new standard multiplayer map is arriving in Season 5 Reloaded. DRC – Zone 1 is a core 6v6 map based on a portion of the Building 21 excursion zone in DMZ, and it's described as a small-sized map with a focus on fast-paced combat.

Gunfight Snipers will bring a sniper-focused variant to the 2v2 mode. This mode will limit players' loadouts to sniper or marksman rifles. Secondary weapons, tacticals, and lethal equipment will be unavailable.

Additionally, players can expect new social features coming with Season 5 Reloaded. The first feature will bring Warzone's "Play Again" option to multiplayer, which allows solo players or party hosts to choose to stick together with the same teammates for the next match.

The other social feature is called Friend Recommender, which is designed for those looking to find new teammates. This works in two ways: one is suggesting friends of friends and also by recommending new friends to play with. This feature will additionally provide explanations for why it recommended each individual person, and Activision says more details will arrive with the upcoming Season 5 patch notes.

Make sure to check out all the major announcements for Modern Warfare 3, including the return of iconic maps, open-world Zombies mode, and more. Activision showcased some of the upcoming campaign during Opening Night Live at Gamescom, revealing gameplay from Modern Warfare 3's Operation 627 mission and announcing the October beta dates.

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