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CoD: Modern Warfare 3 And Warzone - How To Unlock The Soulrender

Season 2 Reloaded adds a new melee weapon, and here's how you unlock it.


The Season 2 Reloaded update is live in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, bringing a crossover with Warhammer 40,000, more MP maps, new Warzone features, and another Zombies story mission. This update also includes the new Soulrender melee weapon. Here we'll guide you through all the ways to unlock it.

How to unlock the Soulrender

The Soulrender is described as a "ceremonial blade capable of razor-sharp cuts and deadly melee action in close-quarters combat." Activision says the Soulrender offers "rapid slashing attacks" via the aim button and a heavier primary attack by holding the fire button, which you can combo together for maximum damage.

This weapon is included as part of a new bonus challenge sector in the Season 2 battle pass, which includes a series of challenges needed to be completed to unlock the Soulrender.

Soulrender melee weapon
Soulrender melee weapon

The challenges can be completed in multiplayer, Zombies, or Warzone.

Sector challenge 1: Reward - JAK Burnout Kit aftermarket part

  • Get five operator kills with throwing knives ( MP or Warzone)
  • Get five special zombie kills with throwing knives (Zombies)

Sector challenge 2: Reward - Bone Dome emblem

  • Get 10 operator melee kills (MP or Warzone)
  • Get 10 special zombie melee kills (Zombies)

Sector challenge 3: Reward - 1-hour double XP token

  • Get 15 operator with a frag grenade or semtex (MP or Warzone)
  • Get 15 special zombie kills with a frag grenade or semtex (Zombies)

Sector challenge 4: Reward - Grave Robber weapon camo

  • Get 5 operator kills with a butt of a gun (MP or Warzone)
  • Get 5 special zombie kills with a butt of a gun (Zombies)

Sector challenge 5: Reward - Soulrender melee weapon unlock

  • Get 10 operator melee kills while crouched (MP or Warzone)
  • Get 10 special zombie melee kills while crouched (Zombies)

For Zombies mode challenges, the special zombies are the enemy types such as Mimics, Manglers, and Disciples.

Additional Zombies unlock method

The Soulrender can also be unlocked through a successful exfil in MW3's Zombies mode. If a friend has this new weapon already, just have them set the Soulrender as their insured weapon and invite them to play with you. They can drop the weapon for you to pick up at the start of the match, and then you just need to successfully exfil with it. You might even get lucky and loot an enemy player who has this weapon equipped. This Zombies unlock method works for any weapon in the game.

Store bundle

You can also bypass the challenges completely and purchase this melee weapon outright in the shop. A fancy blueprint of the Soulrender is available in the Dune: Part Two Harkonnen Pack. This is an eight-item bundle for 2,400 CoD Points ($20) with the Harkonnen Hunter operator skin, the Harkonnen Long Sword variant of the Soulrender, two additional weapon blueprints, a calling card, decal, weapon charm, and emblem.

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