Cities: Skylines Next Expansion Builds A Theme Park

You could be some kind of tycoon who makes rollercoasters.


Cities: Skylines is taking a trip to the park in May. The new Parklife expansion for PC and Mac lets you customize your own park. Paradox Interactive is introducing the feature to let you spice up your cities with tourism ventures.

With the new Parklife expansion, you can zone a park district and then fill it with new buildings and props to make amusement parks, nature reserves, and zoos, among others. The tool set seems pretty flexible, letting you create walking paths, set ticket prices, create jobs through park maintenance services, and offer sightseeing tourism buses. Parklife will add three new city policies and eight new park policies, all centered around managing a bustling tourist attraction. It will also add five new maps.

The Parklife expansion is $15, with a 10% discount on Steam for pre-ordering. Alongside the expansion, Paradox will release a free update that includes a new tourism panel, modding features, and other bells and whistles.

This update has only been announced for PC so far. The Xbox One version of the game was placed on the Xbox Game Pass subscription service this month, though only with the early After Dark expansion.

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