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Chris Hemsworth Raises The Stakes In First Extraction 2 Footage

Have you ever seen a helicopter land on top of a moving train?


Chris Hemsworth is returning to Netflix next year for Extraction 2, a followup to the big-budget action spectacle released in April. In a behind-the-scenes vignette showed at Netflix’s Tudum 2022 virtual event, Hemsworth and director Sam Hargrave talk about how they're amping up the stakes for the sequel.

Hargrave jokes that a sequel needs to have twice as much action, and so we get an up-close look at practical effects including car-flipping explosions and stunt work. The centerpiece of this movie is an ambitious new one-shot, according to Hargrave, which involves a helicopter landing atop a moving train. The vignette is also narrated by Hemsworth, featuring a level of dramatic exposition you'd expect from the actor.

The first Extraction included another memorable one-shot action sequence, which lasted 12 minutes in all. Those sequences take a lot of planning and precise timing, but it was such a hit that Hargrave wants to outdo himself this time. The first film reached 99 million homes in its first month, making it one of Netflix's most popular movies of all time. The writer previously said that the next film will be "very different" than the first.

Extraction stars Hemsworth as Tyler Rake, a mercenary with a knack for extracting kidnapping victims. In GameSpot's Extraction review, Dan Auty praised the action sequences but said the story was cliche.

"With its comfortable formula and lavish action sequences, Extraction is another high-profile but ultimately average Netflix movie, notable more for the big-name stars than its overall quality (see also the recent 6 Underground and Spencer Confidential)," Auty wrote. "But with zero competition in theaters from better movies, it should satisfy those looking for glossy thrills. It might not be in the same league as the best John Wick or Jason Bourne movies, but right now it's as close as we're going to get to a brand-new action blockbuster."

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