Check Out These 28 Pokemon Cards From The Pokemon Go TCG Expansion Coming July 1

The Pokemon Company has revealed some of what's coming in the new set.


The Pokemon Company has revealed a few of the cards in the Pokemon Trading Card Game's upcoming Pokemon Go expansion, featuring Pokemon and trainers that will be familiar to Pokemon Go players.

The three Pokemon Go team leaders--Valor's Candela, Mystic's Blanche, and Instinct's Spark--will receive Trainer Supporter cards, each one allowing the player to draw two cards and potentially recover an energy card from the discard pile. The three leaders will also each have standard and full-card art variants.

Some of the Pokemon featured in the card previews are Pikachu, Melmetal, Alolan Exeggutor, and more. Mewtwo is also shown to be the first V-Star Pokemon revealed for the new set, with a power that deals big damage to multiple Pokemon at a time.

The new Radiant mechanic from the upcoming Astral Radiance expansion in May is confirmed to return, featuring Pokemon so unique players can only have one Radiant Pokemon in a single deck. The Radiant Pokemon previewed is Eevee, with a power that allows the player to draw multiple cards depending on how many different Pokemon types they control in the field.

The Pokemon Go expansion for the Pokemon Trading Card Game will release on July 1 in multiple formats, including booster packs, specialty boxes featuring Alolan Exeggutor, Melmetal, and Mewtwo, and an Elite Trainer box. Preorders are now available on the Pokemon Center website.

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