Check Out Hitman Movie's First Images -- What Do You Think?

Take a look at Homeland star Rupert Friend in the role of Agent 47 for the upcoming movie.

Image credit: Polygon
Image credit: Polygon

20th Century Fox has released the first images from the upcoming Hitman movie, a reboot called Hitman: Agent 47. The images show off Homeland star Rupert Friend as Agent 47. Friend replaced actor Paul Walker for the lead role after the Fast and Furious movie star died in a car crash last year.

In addition to the images, 20th Century Fox showed off a trailer for the movie during a panel at Comic-Con over the weekend, Slash Film reports. This video, which has not yet been released publicly, shows Agent 47 escaping an interrogation room using his advanced skills.

Image credit: Polygon
Image credit: Polygon

Agent 47 also stars Zachary Quinto (Star Trek) as John Smith and Hannah Ware (Shame) as Katia van Dees. (Friend could not attend the panel due to a scheduling conflict). During the panel, Quinto said (via Latino Review) that he wanted to take on the role because he didn't want to get locked into one particular genre or character-type.

"I want to do as much different stuff as possible," Quinto said. "I want to always move beyond and keep a career interesting. I can't wait to show this film to you all."

As for Ware, she gave a brief tease about how her character will interact with Agent 47. She said, "47 seeks Katia out and she presents him with his biggest challenges." Agent 47 opens in theaters on February 27, 2015. It is directed by Aleksander Bach, a well-established commercials director now making the jump to motion pictures.

The most recent Hitman movie was 2007's Hitman, which starred Timothy Olyphant in the lead role.

The next major Hitman game is currently in development at IO Interactive, and is making "great progress," the developer said in May. IO Interactive chose not to bring the game to E3 this year because it did not want to "divert valuable resources." On the mobile front, another new Hitman game--focused on sniping--is in development and will launch this year.

Image Credit: Polygon

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