Check Out Fallout 4's New Debris Effects in This PC Demolition Demo

The latest update brought weapon debris effects to the PC.


If you're the kind of person who enjoys watching things fall apart and get destroyed, then you'll be happy to see the PC-exclusive debris effects added in Fallout 4's latest update. One player has even created a demonstration that shows off the new demolition capabilities. You can check it out below.

Bethesda shared an animated GIF of the destruction on Twitter today. NeoGAF user GSY Miguel created it during the beta phase of Fallout 4's 1.3 update. They used a minigun to create a bunch of debris on the ground, then threw a grenade in the middle to send it all into the air.

The weapon debris effects utilize Nvidia's PhysX effects system. Other features added in the 1.3 update include a new ambient occlusion setting, a status menu for settlers in your settlements, and numerous gameplay and quest fixes.

In other news regarding Fallout 4 on PC, you can now play as characters from Metal Gear Solid, thanks to a new mod. And if you're longing for certain features from Obsidian's Fallout game, you can use a mod to add New Vegas-style traits.

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