Check Out Destiny's Awesome New Hunter Gear for Rise of Iron

Destiny: Rise of Iron will introduce new gear for Trials of Osiris champions.


Destiny's Rise of Iron expansion releases in a couple months, and it'll come with a bunch of new gear. The latest of which to be revealed was some very nice Trials of Osiris gear that Hunters will be able to wear.

The official Destiny Twitter account shared images of the new armor, which before shaders is colored blue and gold with a black and white cape. You'll have to complete the 3v3 Trials of Osiris once Rise of Iron is available to get it. Additionally, Trials on Osiris is only available in the Crucible on weekends. Check out the upcoming gear for yourself below.

Unfortunately for Hunters, it won't be as easy as it used to be to dominate in the Crucible. Developer Bungie recently weakened them because of their consistently higher kill/death ratios. The nerf was intended to make the game more fun for everyone.

"When one class becomes the default choice for anyone who wants to do well in the Crucible, we see that as a problem," designer Grant Mackay wrote. "We chose to bring the Hunters down from their position of dominance because it is our hope that every variety of Guardian will have a fighting chance."

Rise of Iron launches on September 20 for PS4 and Xbox One. It's the first Destiny expansion to skip the PS3 and 360. Players on those last-generation consoles will now have their progress and experience occur on a "separate path" than the PS4 and Xbox One users. Additionally, it allows Bungie to bring more content to current-gen consoles than was possible when working on all four consoles. However, it's important to note the developer isn't turning anything off for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Destiny.

If you want something to do until Rise of Iron releases, Destiny's Year Two Moment of Triumphs are now available. You can get rewards by completing a variety of tasks, including completing an Exotic sword quest and killing Oryx in the King's Fall on Hard. The Moments of Triumps last until September 20 when Rise of Iron launches. You'll need Destiny's last expansion, The Taken King, to participate.

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