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CDV dumps Sabotain and Psychotoxic

German publisher pulls plug on plan to publish pair of PC shooters.


German publisher CDV GMbH lightened its load today, stating on its Web site that it will not be releasing Sabotain and Psychotoxic, two shooters it announced back in February 2003 and November 2002. The reason given sounded rather cryptic (or possibly just a feeble translation): "A final analysis of current product pipeline revealed that both titles have been cancelled."

Later, a representative for CDV's American operations confirmed the decision, and the URL now points simply to CDV's German site.

Representatives from Sabotain's Russia-based developer Avalon Style Entertainment couldn't be reached for comment. However, Tim Bruns, lead character designer and animator for NuClearVision, Psychotoxic's developer, has reportedly assured gamers that his studio's game will be coming out--albeit with a different handle. Bruns didn't mention CDV in the delay update, instead citing a need to tweak the games' physics and gameplay as the reason for the date shift.

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