Cara Dune Mandalorian Action Figures Selling For High Prices After Gina Carano's Firing

Some toys based on The Mandolorian's Cara Dune are expensive, while many others are sold out.


Following Gina Carano's firing by Disney due to her controversial statements, action figures for Cara Dune, the character she played in The Mandalorian, not only began selling out at most retailers but are also being sold for exorbitantly high prices on stores like Amazon and eBay.

A cursory search on eBay for Cara Dune pulls an assortment of results with a common factor: their spiked price tag. While it's possible to find a few action figures selling for a reasonable price on eBay, most have their cost bumped by as much as 1150%. Cara Dune action figures typically sell for anywhere between $15 and $40, but the prices on eBay climb as high as $300. There's even a Star Wars Black Series 6-inch figurine going for $10,000 on eBay.

The situation over at Amazon looks similar to eBay. There are more Cara Dune collectibles on the massive digital shop--such as posters and sweaters--but most everything, and especially the action figures, have absurd price tags. A Carbonized Vintage Collection series of Cara Dune sells for $118, while a Pop figurine and protector case are going for $100 on Amazon.

This sudden price hike was to be expected, especially considering Disney's decision to cancel manufacturing for all Cara Dune toys. Despite Carano's politics, her toys are becoming a rarity.

Gina Carano found a new spotlight thanks to her character in The Madalorian, but Disney canned her earlier this month due to her political views, particularly her trying to compare conservative vilification to Nazi Germany's persecution of Jewish people. It's unclear what's next for Cara Dune in The Mandalorian, but Disney said the character wouldn't be recast.

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