Capcom updates XBLA Street Fighter II

Patch fixes "connection and time out issues;" Leaderboards cleared due to instances of cheating.


The highly anticipated arrival of Capcom's Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting on Xbox Live Arcade was quickly followed by a wave of player complaints. Two of the frequently brought-up problems were lag when playing online, and a record-keeping system that didn't punish unscrupulous players for disconnecting from matches when it appeared they were about to be defeated.

It appears Capcom has tried to address those two issues, as there is a new auto-update available to patch the game. Xbox Live director of programming Larry Hryb posted the following note about what exactly the update does on his blog, Major Nelson:

The title update will address connection and time out issues that have been reported by players. In addition, the Leaderboards will be cleared in order to offset players that have cheated by causing intentional disconnections.

[UPDATE] Capcom has told GameSpot that the "connection issues" addressed by the patch have nothing to do with lag. "This patch actually relates to connection issues which stem from players being disconnected in Quarter Match or not being able to connect to matches due to timeouts and whatnot," a representative of the publisher said. "Regarding latency, SFII is dependant on a low latency environment as players' controller inputs must be synchoronized on both consoles. Thus the gameplay experience is greatly related to a player's Internet connection."

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