Capcom unveiling two new games at E3

Capcom Unity Twitter feed reveals Japanese publisher is keeping two titles under wraps until next month's confab.


Unless it's derailed by a zombie uprising straight out of Resident Evil 5, next month's Electronic Entertainment Expo looks like a go. Today, the big three console makers reiterated their support for the event, which is looking to re-create the spectacle of E3s past with booth babes, 150-plus exhibitors, and more than 40,000 estimated attendees. Reps from its organizing body, the Entertainment Software Association, have publicly promsed that not even the prospect of a swine flu pandemic is slowing down its preparations.

Lost Planet was one of the big draws at Capcom's E3 2006 booth.
Lost Planet was one of the big draws at Capcom's E3 2006 booth.

Besides the show floor, E3 is best known for being the site of numerous game announcements. So far, only a few game companies have dropped hints of what's in store. In recent interviews with GameSpot, id software's Todd Hollenshead promised several "surprises," and Sony Computer Entertainment's John Koller said there would be major PSP news--rumored to be a new, UMD-drive-free version of the handheld.

Now, shortly after showing its wares at the Captivate 2009 press event, Capcom has revealed it too will have some new games to show off at E3. In a Twitter post this week, staffers from the Capcom Unity community site said that at least a pair of new titles would be revealed at the convention, which kicks off June 2 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Responding to a direct message from a reader, an unnamed staffer twittered, "You think we have great titles now? Wait 'til we announce two more at E3!" No further clues about the games or timing of their unveiling were divulged. So far this year, the company has announced Dead Rising 2 and Lost Planet 2, along with Xbox Live and PlayStation Network versions of Marvel vs. Capcom 2. The original Dead Rising and Lost Planet were centerpieces of Capcom's booth at E3 2006, the last large-scale version of the event.

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