Capcom to produce Nightmare Before Christmas game

Capcom unveils a game based on the Tim Burton film.


At a press event today in Japan, Capcom showed off Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, an upcoming third-person action game for the PlayStation 2. Producer Tatsuya Minami revealed very little about the game, mentioning that events would be held next month around Halloween in Japan, Los Angeles, and London to kick off discussion on the game, which is slated to ship in October 2004.

All Minami would reveal was that the game would be a sequel to the film and mix elements of hard-core action and puzzle solving. A short gameplay trailer shown on the game revealed graphics that capture the look of Tim Burton's film nicely. The trailer offered glimpses of locales around Halloween Town, which looked very close to their film counterparts. The short trailer also gave us looks at Jack Skellington, his faithful dog Zero, Sally, and nemesis Oogie Boogie. Some new faces popped up as well, including a pack of possibly unfriendly skeletons heading for town that Jack confronts.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is slated to ship in October 2004. Look for more on the game as it develops.

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